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Dr. Kamal Syed
Dr. Vikram Tarugu
Florida Everglades Ostrich
Ostrich meat is praised as a healthy, low cholesterol and high Omega 3 red meat. Ostrich meat is recommended by the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Association, the American Dietitians Association, and the American Diabetic Association, as well as many physicians.  
Two such Physicians, Dr. Kamal Syed and his friend Dr. Vikram Tarugu (who is a well-qualified gastroenterologist) were having difficulties sourcing Ostrich meat they were recommending to their patients. They decided to start a farm where they controlled every aspect of the humane and all natural process.
“As a Healthcare provider it’s always a challenge to recommend healthy lifestyle to patient without compromising the food they love the most. When it comes to the people who have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, consumption of red meat is not recommended due to its side effect profile. Being a part of county which is the largest cattle and dairy County in Florida it is very difficult for the people to make that decision.

Initiative was taken to find the best solution, which fulfills both purposes. After long research on different types of meat, we found Ostrich meat to be the best and healthiest red meat available on the planet. 

At that point, 2 years ago, we decided to make this meat more readily available to people. The Ostrich Farm was organized with the vision to raise naturally fed ostrich which is free of antibiotics and vaccines and diseases by providing well organized function without compromising the taste and quality of meat. 

We are proud and committed to produce the healthiest, naturally feed Ostrich Red meat with a balanced Ph.”

The Ostrich breed raised on the 100 plus Acres farm in South Central Florida was selected for the health benefits but also the incredibly delicious flavor. Many of the ostrich meats available for consumption were bred and raised for other economic reasons (primarily plumage and hide) and the meat was a secondary business. The Everglades Wild Game Ostrich are being bred and raised for only one purpose; great tasting and healthy meat.