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Florida Everglades Wild Boar
Like many wild animals residing in the Sunshine State, wild hogs are not native to Florida. It is believed that colonists first introduced domestic hogs to the area, or they were brought over by the Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto, as early as 1539. These early hogs were a major food source for the early settlers. However, when Eurasian wild boars were later brought to the states for hunting purposes, domestic hogs that were free range, or escaped from pens, wound up interbreeding with these Eurasian hogs and ultimately producing the wild hogs we see today.
Everglades Wild Game distributes wild game products that have been humanely trapped in their natural habitat, never caged. The products we offer are only animals that forage wild vegetation and trapped in their own environment. We currently distribute wild all natural Wild Boar that are trapped in the orange groves, sugar cane fields and pepper farms of Central and Southern Florida. All the animals are humanely trapped and processed in an immaculately clean USDA inspected facility that has an onsite inspector at all times. These all natural animals are humanely trapped in their natural habitat while foraging on the natural
vegetation in the area; which usually includes oranges from citrus groves, sugar cane from the fields and peppers from the local pepper farms. The diet these animals live on usually provides for a naturally sweet protein that is prized on menus all over the United States.

Our Trappers
Born in Augusta, GA in 1985 Leon moved to South Florida when he was six; at an early age his love of the outdoors began when his family introduced him to fishing, trapping, hunting, and agriculture. He believes that hunting “Free Range” is the only ethical way of hunting. He is proficient with a bow, black powder rifle, center-fire rifle, hand gun, spear fishing, kayaking, hiking, glassing. Leon currently manages a crew of wild hog trappers on a few orange groves, sugar cane fields and pepper farms in Southern Florida. The relationship that we have developed with Leon is built on the understanding of our culinary philosophy of offering only the highest quality products and his “Free Range” hunting that allows us to harvest the best wild boar the Everglades has to offer. 
Leon Rucker - Trapper